About us

Parenthood is bliss. The moment you see your newborn baby for the first time is probably when you feel the purest form of love ever!

But Parenthood is also tough. Nobody is really trained for it. You are responsible for a whole other human being and no instruction manual comes along with the baby.

Our Goal

At MyBabyMySoul.com, our goal is to make your parenting journey a little bit easier. We strive to find innovative & vastly improved solutions to your obstacles in parenting.

Our Guiding Design Principles


Right from the quality of material to the manufacturing process to shipping, Safety for your baby occupies the highest priority in our minds. Our products will adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety at all times



We are mindful of the fact that being a parent is a lot of work. Each minute saved due to ease of use of products is a lot of value to you. All our products will save you precious time and mind space



We seek to offer products at price levels that are accessible to as many parents as possible without compromising on the above two principles


Our Team

Our core team comprises of a brother-sister duo educated in business management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Architecture & Design from School of Planning & Architecture (SPA). We have many close friends and family who form an integral part of this quest.

For any further assistance/feedback/suggestions, Write to us at support@mybabymysoul.com or send a WhatsApp message to (+91) 70246 15028

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