Instant Highchair Anywhere!

Convert any regular chair into your baby's safe and comfy seat in a few seconds!

SeatBuddy works great at home and outside

Spoonfeed them easily during family meal time at the dining table or let them eat on their own during snacks

Have your baby sit in a chair in your kitchen, living room, backyard or workspace at home. With SeatBuddy, you can work and bond with your baby at the same time

Going to the baby's Grandparent's place, a picnic, a restaurant or on a vacation - SeatBuddy is so compact, you can easily carry it in your hand bag or diaper bag.

Use for 6-24 months old babies

Once your baby can sit-up, they are ready for the SeatBuddy. With its adjustable straps, SeatBuddy can accommodate toddlers upto 24 months in age

Engineered for safety with 5 point harness

SeatBuddy is ergonomically designed to keep your wiggly toddler comfortably in place. The adjustable straps ensure that your baby is snug and cosy at all times

2-layer soft and strong fabric

SeatBuddy is made of strong reinforced fabric with secure straps, clips and knots. The premium quality fabric is soft, strong, machine-washable and comes in attractive designs

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