Teethy Bib

Is your baby constantly looking for things to chew on?

Does your baby drool a lot and wet their shirt / onesie?

Your growing baby is now getting ready for their first set of teeth. This makes them drool a lot and causes great discomfort and soreness in their gums.

Babies try to relieve this pain by chomping on whatever they can find - toys, clothes or even slippers.


Your one stop stylish solution for your baby's teething and drooling needs



Stays with your baby. Does not fall off. No risk of getting dirty like other teethers.

Unlike mitten bibs, keeps your baby's hands free to develop their sense of touch. Also, no risk of injury to the baby's eyes.


What are moms saying about Teethy-Bibs?



Your baby produces excessive drool during teething. Teethy-Bib's 2 layer structure is made to look charming, be absorbent and soft against your baby's sensitive skin all at the same time!

No more changing your baby’s clothes multiple times in a day due to drooling!

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