Super Soft 100% Bamboo Baby Washtowels (Set of 5)

Super Soft 100% Bamboo Baby Washtowels (Set of 5)

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Introducing our newest product - My Baby My Soul 100% Bamboo Wash towels for your baby. We can confidently go ahead and claim that these are the softest towel fabric you will find for your baby.
  • 100% Bamboo Wash Cloth - This fabric is super soft, breathable and extremely sensitive against your baby's skin.
  • These are super absorbent and dry quickly. They last really long. They get softer with every wash. All they need is a gentle hand wash.
  • They are the right size (25cm X 25cm) and thickness for babies
  • These towels are so soft, you will wish that you had these towels in your size

Multiple Uses of these Wash Towels - 

  • Sponge baths for your baby
  • Gently clean your baby's eyes, nose and mouth with these super soft mini wash-towels
  • Gum care for your baby
  • Burp cloth and spit-up cloth for your baby
  • Gently clean the delicate skin in your baby's diaper area

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