Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Startle Effect?
Startle Effect is a natural reflex that babies have when they are born. Babies are used to living inside the womb where their hands and legs are constrained. Every time the baby senses sound, light or even without any such stimuli, they get a scary falling sensation. As a reaction to that, their arms and legs jerk violently

What is the connection between Sleep and Growth?

Lot of research has been conducted on this topic by reputed institutes and scientists worldwide. It has been established that newborn babies that sleep between 14-17 hours a day tend to grow faster in factors such as physical, cognitive, language and memory

Which size should I buy for my baby?

It is important to buy the right size for your baby. Please refer to the size table provided in this link. It is important to note that the primary factor to determine the correct size is the weight of the baby rather than the age.

Can I buy the medium size of Sleepie for my newborn?

It is not advisable to buy the medium size Sleepie for your newborn. The neck area would be very loose for your newborn.

What is the returns policy like?

We have a very easy 15 days returns policy. You just have to ensure that the product is in the original packaging with tags without any damage. You can write to us at to initiate your return. Kindly visit RETURNS POLICY for detailed instructions. The 15-days return policy is valid only for your 1st order for Sleepie.

What fabric is the Sleepie made of? Is it good for my child?

Sleepie is made of high quality cotton blend material. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Elastane provides the necessary stretch in the fabric. This fabric material is ultra soft, stretchy and smooth against your baby’s skin. This fabric is one of the most preferred premium fabric for baby clothes all over the world

My baby sucks on their hands while wearing the Sleepie. Is it a problem?

Babies tend to suck on their hands. This is a way for them to soothe themselves. This helps them calm down and sleep. Sucking on their hands through the Sleepie is perfectly healthy for your child.

How does Sleepie help in protecting my baby’s bones?

Sleepie is made of a highly stretchy cotton blend fabric. This allows your baby to make active leg and hand movements. This helps in building bone strength for your baby.

As compared to wrapping your baby with a swaddle cloth or blanket, Sleepie is a much healthier option. Swaddling your baby with blanket requires a huge amount of skill and precision. Swaddling entails a risk of wrapping the baby too tight which might lead to hip bone damage. Sleepie eliminates that risk completely.

What is the right room temperature for my baby?

Babies must be kept at a temperature at which an adult wearing a normal thin t-shirt would be comfortable. Make sure not to overheat your baby by putting too many layers on them

When should I stop using the Sleepie for my baby?

Use of Sleepie must be discontinued when your baby starts showing signs of being able to roll over on their own. When babies are able to do so, it is important that their hands are not restrained.