Sleepie Embrace

Does your baby sleep better when you hold them?

Your touch soothes and calms your baby. But it is not practical for you to constantly hold them to help them sleep.

Sleepie-Embrace mimics your touch for the baby. It is gently weighted in the chest area (inside the Smiley), and applies gentle pressure in places where you hold them. This triggers the 'Embrace' effect, calms the baby and helps them sleep longer.

Sleepie-Embrace is a non-swaddling sleepsuit and can also be worn when the baby has begun to rollover. Sleepie-Embrace is made of super soft premium cotton and is perfect for all seasons.

How it works

Baby sleeps well when you hold them, touch them or pat on their chest.

Sleepie-Embrace mimics your touch through the gently weighted pads in the chest area and applies gentle pressure in places where you hold them.

This sense of your touch through Sleepie-Embrace helps your baby sleep faster, longer, and more soundly.

Why Sleepie Embrace is a risk free purchase for you?



Return Policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remember feeling incredibly calm and peaceful under a heavy winter blanket? Sleepie-Embrace is based on the same principle for babies. The weighted pads in the chest area triggers a chain reaction in the baby that releases an overall sense of peace and calm.

Yes, Sleepie-Embrace is a non-swaddling sleepsuit. The baby's hands are free to move when Sleepie-Embrace is used. Sleepie-Embrace is perfectly safe to use when the baby can rollover. For babies who sleep on their tummy, Sleepie-Embrace can be worn backwards.

The pressure through the weighted part is the chest area is as light as your palm on the baby's chest.

How To Wear

This is Sleepie-Embrace laid flat on the bed.

Use the zipper that runs along the edge to fully open up the Sleepie-Embrace. Also, open up the snap buttons on both sides.

Place the baby on top of Sleepie-Embrace.

Close the zipper and the snap buttons. Your baby is now ready for calm and peaceful sleep in Sleepie-Embrace.

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